About Us

About Us


We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company specializing in manufacturing and supplying temperature measurement and control systems. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as reliable manufacturer and supplier of Temperature measurement and control systems. Our manufacturing program includes Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs), Thermocouples (J, K, R, S, T, E, and B types), Thermowells (Bar stock, Fabricated and Customized), Temperature Indicators, Controllers, and PID Controllers etc.

Our instruments have been successfully employed in various Process control Industries. Besides standard products, we can also supply custom-built systems to suit most critical application and provide reliable solutions to end user.

Eureka strives to find better solutions to customer needs . Continuously working towards offering the best in terms of innovation, quality ,delivery and value. We help improve productivity and provide growth opportunities to employees and suppliers while adhering to business philosophy of Total Quality Management.

We have appropriate infrastructure & technical expertise supported by qualified and experienced engineers and technicians. We have established big client base by maintaining our quality through following national and international standards achieving customer satisfaction.

We offer reliability throughout Specifications and Supply & after Sales Support. As such, we guarantee the performance of our products and welcome you to try us out.

Enhance customer satisfaction by providing Quality Products and Services; through effective Quality Management System, Continual Improvements with active involvement of all our employees.


  1. Enhance Customer Satisfaction. 
  2. Continual Improvement. 
  3. Productivity. 
  4. Reduce Customer Complaints.


  1. CE Certificate
  2. Management systems as per ISO 9001 : 2008


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