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Wide range of THERMOCOUPLE EXTENSION / COMPENSATING CABLES used for carrying data signals generated by THERMOCOUPLE to the control panel. It may also be used to build the sensing point and can be used as a K TYPE THERMOCOUPLE SENSOR or used in manufacturing THERMOCOUPLE ASSEMBLIES or can used to connect to DATA LOGGERS via THERMOCOUPOLE CONNECTORS.

Available Thermocouple Calibration in EXTENSION & COMPENSATING Grade are J, K, T, E, N, R, S, B etc.


Conductor Solid or Multi stranded 
Core Insulation As per the table i.e. PTFE / FIBER GLASS / CERAMIC / SILICA YARN / KAPTON SILICON
Core Laying Parallel or twisted
No. of Pair 1, 2 or more
Screening Braided Copper wires / silver or tin plated copper wires / Alu. Mylar with drain wire
Outer Sheath As per the table i.e. PTFE / FIBER GLASS / CERAMIC / SILICA YARN / KAPTON SILICON
Braiding Fine annealed soft mirror finished SS WIRE
Armoring GI Round Wire
Color Coding As per IEC, ANSI, DIN etc.

PTFE  TAPPED PTFE 250 °C Resistant to Abrasion, oil, moisture etc with high electrical properties.
FIBER GLASS BRAIDED FIBER GLASS 400 °C Good temperature resistant
PVC PVC 70 °C Versatile for normal application
NEOPRENE RUBBRE NEOPRENE RUBBER Greater flexibility with god temp. resistant.
SILICONE EXTRUDED SILICONE EXTRUDED 200 °C Excellent flexibility with good temperature resistant.

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